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Apollo Parallel Dialer | Built for SDRs


Jun 18, 2024

Imagine making 100 cold calls in just 27 minutes. Sounds impossible, right? Well, it's not, thanks to Salesfinity. This blog post is going to show you how Salesfinity and Apollo can make your cold calling super fast and super easy.

Before Salesfinity: The Slow and Bumpy Road

Let’s start by talking about the old, slow way of making cold calls with the Apollo dialer. Apollo is a great tool for sales intelligence and engagement, but it has its drawbacks. Here’s what sales reps had to do step-by-step:

  1. Open the Call Task Page: Each time you want to call someone, you have to manually open their page. This is very time-consuming.

  2. Click Dial: Once the prospect's page is open, you then click the dial button.

  3. Voicemail Hit: Most of the time, the call goes to voicemail. This means you don’t get to talk to the prospect.

  4. Log the Call: After the call, whether it connects or not, you have to log it manually. This is another step that takes up time.

Each of these steps takes a lot of time, which means you’re not actually spending much time talking to prospects. Most of your time is spent on manual tasks. This way, each call can take about 2 minutes, and with only 5-10% of calls getting answered, you struggle to hit your quota. SDRs are left frustrated, trying to squeeze more hours into their day just to meet targets.

When using just the Apollo parallel dialer, sales teams often face similar challenges. Without a parallel dialer that can efficiently streamline these tasks, Sales reps end up spending too much time on non-productive activities. That's why the introduction of an AI parallel dialer like Salesfinity can make such a big difference. It goes beyond just being a dialer for Apollo; it takes on an intelligent approach to handling calls.

The Change: Welcome, Salesfinity!

Everything changed when Salesfinity came into the picture. Salesfinity is an AI-powered parallel dialer specifically designed to work beautifully with Apollo. This Apollo parallel dialer can transform your cold calling experience in several amazing ways:

  1. Parallel Dialer for Apollo: Salesfinity’s parallel dialer allows you to make multiple calls at the same time. This means you can make 100 calls in just 27 minutes, something that was unimaginable before. No more wasting time dialing one call at a time.

  2. Hyper-Personalized Calls: The AI in Salesfinity does the heavy lifting for you. It researches the accounts and finds valuable info like the CEO’s podcast, earnings call reports, and strategic initiatives. This ensures your calls are hyper-personalized and strategic, which means a higher chance of success.

  3. Automation of Manual Tasks: Salesfinity automates all those boring tasks that ate up your time—like note-taking and call logging. You no longer have to worry about these because the system does it for you.

  4. Clean, Spam-Free Numbers: The numbers used by Salesfinity are clean and spam-free, increasing the chances that your calls will be answered. It’s like magic for your contact center, ensuring higher connectivity rates.

  5. Human Connects: The AI-powered parallel dialer can filter out voicemails and only connect you when a live human answers. This means you spend more time talking to real people and less time dealing with machines.

No more wasted time opening prospect pages, dialing numbers, hitting voicemails, and logging calls! With Salesfinity, you can now focus on what matters most: building meaningful connections with prospects.

Moreover, whether you're using the Apollo parallel dialer or considering a power dialer, Salesfinity's AI parallel dialer ensures that your sales team remains efficient and productive. This is particularly beneficial for any SaaS Sales Development teams or any other sales team looking to streamline their outreach process for cold calling. The power dialer capabilities combined with AI intelligence optimize your time for conversations, which is a game-changer for any sales team aiming to hit their targets.

Social Proof: Sales Reps Love Salesfinity!

If you're wondering if Salesfinity really makes a difference, listen to what 1,600+ sales reps from top SDR teams at companies like Deel, SpectroCloud, and Fastly have to say. They have already jumped on board!

You can read the reviews here: Salesfinity Wall of Love

These companies have experienced a significant boost in their sales activities, making their reps more efficient and effective.

After Salesfinity: Smooth and Successful Sailing

After you start using the Apollo parallel dialer, you’ll notice some amazing changes. Here is what you can expect:

  1. More Conversations: With the parallel dialer for Apollo, you will spend more time talking to prospects and less time on boring tasks. Instead of wasting time opening pages and manually dialing numbers, the Apollo dialer helps you focus on making real connections. This means you can have more meaningful conversations in a shorter amount of time.

  2. Increased Efficiency: The automation features in Salesfinity take care of note-taking and call logging for you. This frees you up to focus on what truly matters—engaging with your prospects. Imagine how much more effective your sales team can be when they can concentrate on building relationships instead of doing tedious tasks.

  3. Higher Success Rates: Salesfinity uses clean, spam-free numbers and advanced AI filters to ensure your calls are more likely to be answered by real people. No more hitting voicemails constantly. This means your success rates will go up because you’re talking to live humans more often.

By using the Salesfinity’s AI parallel dialer for Apollo, your productivity will soar. You’ll be able to meet your sales targets more easily because you’re spending your time more wisely. Whether you are part of an SDR team or an individual sales rep, this technology will make your job smoother and more successful.

The power dialer and predictive dialer features make it super easy to dial multiple numbers efficiently. This translates to more calls and, as a result, 10+ cold call connects per hour. Imagine what your sales team could achieve with such a boost in efficiency!

The Final Word: Take Action!

Are you ready to make your cold calling fast, smart, and efficient? It’s time to say goodbye to the old, slow way and say hello to the new, efficient way with Salesfinity and Apollo.

Don’t take our word for it; see the difference for yourself. Book a demo with a software consultant to understand how Salesfinity can be a game-changer for your sales team.

Click here to book your demo: Book a Demo

Stop wasting time and start closing more deals. With Salesfinity and Apollo, your sales game will change forever.

With Salesfinity's parallel dialer, making 100 personalized cold calls with Apollo in just 27 minutes is not only possible but easy. Transform your sales process today and see the magic happen. Book your demo now!

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