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Best Orum Alternative - Salesfinity Parallel Dialer


Apr 20, 2024

Have you ever felt like you spend all day dialing phone numbers, only to end up talking to just a couple of people? It's frustrating, right? Phone numbers often get marked as spam, and on top of that, there's a bunch of boring admin tasks like logging calls into a CRM system. That’s where Salesfinity comes into play, best Orum alternative. It’s designed to make the lives of sales teams much easier and help you talk to more people in less time. If you're already using Orum parallel dialer for cold calling, read the article until the end of why Salesfinity is the best Orum alternative.

Current State:

Imagine this: sales development representatives (SDRs) are at their desks making calls one by one. Whether they use Outreach, Apollo, Salesloft, or HubSpot, they have to manually dial numbers, log each call, set call outcomes, and it goes on and on. By the end of the day, maybe they've reached 40-50 people and spoken with just a handful. There’s got to be a better way, right? That’s exactly what we thought!

Understanding the Need for Efficient Cold Calling:

Cold calling is tough for B2B sales teams. With low connect rates and high time commitments, we need to maximize our time talking to potential customers, not waiting for them to pick up the phone. Efficient cold calling means more opportunities to sell and less time wasted.

Introducing Salesfinity Parallel Dialer:

The Salesfinity Parallel Dialer is far from your everyday dialer; it’s a super tool filled with smart features that will change the way you make cold calls. It’s specially designed to solve the usual problems we face with old-school cold calling techniques. You know, those methods that make it hard and slow to talk to enough people each day? Salesfinity helps you tackle that. With this powerful dialer, your job becomes a breeze, allowing you to reach out to more people in less time. Imagine not having to wait forever for someone to pick up the phone or dealing with dropped calls. That’s what Salesfinity is here for—to help you make more connections quickly and efficiently, boosting your chances to chat with potential customers and grow your business.

Why Salesfinity is the Best Parallel Dialer:

Parallel Calling: With Salesfinity’s parallel calling, you can get into live conversations super quickly. No more waiting around! This feature alone can let you connect with 10-15 people in just an hour—that’s up to 5 times more than manual dialing!

Auto-Detection of Voicemail: Isn’t it a pain when you finally get through, and it’s just a voicemail? Salesfinity automatically detects voicemails, so your time isn’t wasted. It can even leave pre-recorded messages for you. This means you spend more time talking to real prospects.

CRM Integration: The best part? Salesfinity integrates directly with pretty much any CRM system you might be using—, HubSpot, Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft, Gong, PipeDrive,, and more. It logs your calls, dispositions, completes call tasks, and keeps everything nicely organized, without you having to lift a finger.
Salesfinity also pioneered CRM integration in 2022 as the first AI Sales Dialer Company in the United States. Over the last 2 years, we've built the most robust integration with Apollo despite their rate limit restrictions. 

AI Note Taking & Research: Imagine this: you’re on a call, and Salesfinity is taking notes for you and pulling up company info, all by itself using AI. It’s like having a super-smart assistant who’s helping you personalize each call and saving all the important info automatically.

Easiest to Use UI: Nobody wants complicated software. Salesfinity is super easy to use, which means your team will actually use it and your investment won’t go to waste. Orum and most other Orum alternatives are built in the 2010s with extremely dated user interfaces. In 2024, technology is moving at lightning speed as are sales development workflows. Salesfinity brings the most modern user interface that's super easy to use and fits right into the already setup workflows of sale development teams.

Spam-Free Phone Numbers: Worried about your numbers being marked as spam? Don’t be. Salesfinity keeps your numbers clean by registering them with major carriers and ensuring they comply with the latest standards. This is a very important feature because high-volume dialing requires your auto dialer software be able to handle lots of calls. Without proper phone number management, you can't scale dialing volume reliably. The last thing you want is your phone number to show as “Potential Spam” on your customers' phones. Most Orum alternatives and Orum including handle the caller ID management by just changing the numbers which is not a recommended practice by carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Salesfinity AI dialer manages all your numbers on auto pilot and consistently delivers a high cold call connect rate.

Real-World Results with Salesfinity:

Chris N. from says, “Salesfinity has been a game-changer for me. Its multi-dialing feature has boosted my productivity, and the higher response rate has directly improved my conversions.”

Draper D. from Soothe mentioned, “We saw a 129% increase in meetings within the first week of usage. This hasn't slowed down since we started.”

James B. adds, “If you're making cold calls, this will 5X your conversations. It's easy to use, available for individual users, and affordable.”


Compared to Orum or any other Orum alternatives you might be thinking of, Salesfinity Parallel Dialer brings more conversations, better integration, easier usability, and AI Automation features that save you tons of time. It’s everything your sales team needs to supercharge your pipeline with cold calling  and get those sales numbers up. Curious to see how it works? Sign up for a demo or free trial today and experience the difference yourself. Ready to make those numbers? Let’s go!

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