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Best PhoneBurner Alternative - Salesfinity Parallel Dialer


Apr 20, 2024

Hey there, if you're in the business of sales, especially SaaS, you know just how tough it is to get someone on the phone these days. With so many numbers marked as spam and sales reps spending more time dialing than chatting, connecting with prospects feels tougher than ever. Plus, let's not forget all the time we spent logging every call detail into our CRM systems.

Meet Salesfinity - it's not just another tool, it's your new best friend in sales. Built to make every sales team more effective and productive.

Current State

Imagine a regular day for most SDRs: dialing numbers manually using tools like Outreach or HubSpot, logging each call, noting the outcomes... one. by. one. Typically, an SDR makes around 40 to 50 calls a day but only talks to 2 or 3 real prospects. That's a lot of work for so little talk time!

1. Understanding the Need for Efficient Cold Calling

In B2B sales, getting a customer on the phone is golden but incredibly challenging too. Cold calling isn't just about dialing numbers—it's about smartly maximizing your chances to chat while not wasting time on missed calls. That’s why getting more live conversations without dialing endlessly is crucial for today’s SDRs.

2. Introducing Salesfinity Parallel Dialer

Here's where Salesfinity Parallel Dialer shines. It's a state-of-the-art sales dialer that's all about efficiency. Imagine a tool so smart that it helps you reduce waiting times by placing several calls in parallel, ensuring you’re always talking, not just waiting.

3. Why Salesfinity is the Best Parallel Dialer

  • Parallel Calling: Salesfinity lets you handle multiple calls at the same time. This means while one call is ringing, another can be answered. This feature boosts your connect rates from 2-3 per day to about 10-15 per hour. That’s five times more!

  • Auto-Detection of Voicemail: Here's the kicker - Salesfinity knows when a call has hit voicemail. It allows you to move on quickly or leave a pre-recorded message. That instantly frees up more time to connect with real, live prospects.

  • CRM Integration: No more manual logging. Salesfinity links right into CRM systems like Salesforce and HubSpot, automating your call logs and keeping your data neat and tidy.

  • AI Note Taking & Research: Not just any dialer, Salesfinity notes down important points during your calls and can even pull up on-the-fly research about the company you’re calling. All this so you can focus more on the conversation.

  • Easiest to Use: With a clean and simple interface, reps love using Salesfinity. Plus, who wants to spend hours training on a complicated system?

  • Spam Free Numbers: Salesfinity keeps your numbers off spam lists by registering them with major carriers like ATT and Verizon. This means fewer lost opportunities due to blocked calls.

4. Real-World Results with Salesfinity

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Chris N., Head of Business Development at, has to say: “Salesfinity’s multi-dialing feature boosted my productivity, and I’ve seen a direct improvement in my conversions due to a higher response rate. Its AI features and HubSpot integration keep things organized and scalable for business growth.”

Draper D., Director of Sales at, saw a “129% increase in meetings in just the first week.”

James B., another Director of Business Development, adds, “If you're making cold calls, this will 5X your conversations. It’s user-friendly, affordable, and backed by a responsive service team.”

5. Conclusion

Salesfinity Parallel Dialer isn't just another auto dialer, it’s a complete game-changer, especially when compared to tools like PhoneBurner. Why not see the difference it can make for your SaaS sales team? Click through to sign up for a demo or start a free trial. Boost your team's efficiency and watch your sales pipeline grow—because at Salesfinity, we're all about getting you more conversations with less hassle.

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