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Data Duel Cold Calling Battle: vs. ZoomInfo


Jan 29, 2024

Unveiling the Clash of Titans: vs. ZoomInfo in Live Cold Calling Battle

In the ever-evolving landscape of sales and marketing, harnessing the power of accurate and enriched data intelligence platforms can be the game-changer for businesses seeking to conquer their sales targets. Today, we immerse ourselves in the battlefield of data as we witness a live test between two industry giants, and ZoomInfo. The goal? To determine which platform reigns supreme in empowering sales reps to connect and engage effectively through cold calling.

The battleground was set, the weapons were the lists enriched by these platforms, and the combatants were two skilled sales reps, armed with the Salesfinity AI Parallel Dialer. Landon Meyer, wielding the data enriched by ZoomInfo, clashed against Ewing Gillaspy, who employed’s enriched list. The live test unfolded over the course of an intense one-hour duration, and the results were nothing short of illuminating.

A Closer Look at the Data Duel

Let’s delve into the specifics of the encounter. Landon, armed with ZoomInfo’s list, made a commendable 286 dials, securing 20 human connects with an impressive connect rate of 6.99%. His conversations spanned 13 interactions, with an average call duration of 67.9 seconds. However, despite the efforts and promising metrics, no demos were booked during the encounter, albeit 5 valuable referrals were gained.

On the other side of the battlefield, Ewing, equipped with’s list, engaged in 245 dials, securing 19 human connects with a slightly lower connect rate of 6.53%. His conversations amounted to 10 interactions, with an average call duration of 51 seconds. Similar to Landon, Ewing was unable to book any demos, yet managed to secure 3 valuable referrals.

The Verdict: ZoomInfo Emerges Victorious

Analyzing the outcomes of this head-to-head clash, ZoomInfo emerges as the victor in this live cold calling battle. While both platforms facilitated meaningful connections, ZoomInfo's data enrichment seemed to provide a marginal edge, evident in Landon's slightly higher connect rate and longer average call duration. The number of referrals gained by both participants was fairly close, but the subtle differences in call duration and connect rates tipped the scales in favor of ZoomInfo.

Insights Gleaned and Considerations Moving Forward

What can we glean from this intense faceoff between and ZoomInfo? The live test reveals the critical role that enriched data plays in driving successful connections and conversations. It’s evident that both platforms have their strengths, but the slight advantages in connect rates and call durations make a noticeable impact on the outcomes.

Moving forward, businesses need to consider the nuances and specific requirements of their sales strategies when choosing a data intelligence platform. While ZoomInfo emerged as the winner in this particular encounter, the choice between these two industry heavyweights should be based on a company’s unique needs, target audience, and sales approach.

Final Thoughts

The Data Duel Live Cold Calling Battle: Apollo vs. ZoomInfo served as a window into the power of data intelligence in the realm of sales. It underscored the importance of leveraging enriched data to maximize connection rates and conversation quality, painting a vivid picture of the capabilities offered by these platforms.

In this ever-evolving landscape, businesses seeking to empower their sales teams must meticulously evaluate the offerings and performances of such data intelligence platforms, considering factors such as connect rates, call durations, and ultimately, the ability to drive valuable conversions.

In conclusion, while this particular bout crowned ZoomInfo as the winner, the journey to finding the ideal data intelligence platform is an ongoing pursuit—one that necessitates a thorough understanding of a company’s unique requirements and aspirations.

As the dust settles on this enthralling clash, the quest for superior sales performance continues, and the significance of accurate, enriched data intelligence remains an undeniable cornerstone in achieving those goals.

Stay tuned for more insights, analyses, and explorations in the dynamic realm of sales strategies and data intelligence!

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