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Data Provider Showdown: An In-depth Analysis of vs. ZoomInfo


Feb 12, 2024

In an era where digital information is gold, businesses rely heavily on sophisticated data providers to fuel their sales and marketing efforts. and ZoomInfo stand at the forefront of this industry, each offering unique capabilities aimed at enhancing the way companies identify and connect with potential leads. This comparison delves into the features, pricing structures, online reputations, and user feedback of both platforms to give a clearer perspective on how they can be integrated with Salesfinity to streamline lead-generation processes.

About operates as a real-time, AI-powered search engine that specializes in finding and validating email addresses and phone numbers for sales leads. The platform is designed to foster new relationships and opportunities, aiming to significantly improve revenue streams for its users. Co-founded by Brandon Bornancin, integrates seamlessly with sales and marketing tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, enhancing productivity and reducing manual data entry. With its commitment to real-time data verification, has garnered respect and clientele including notable names like Google and Logitech.

About ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo provides a comprehensive sales intelligence solution that aids businesses in identifying and engaging with potential customers more effectively. As previously described, ZoomInfo's robust platform offers extensive databases for lead and company information, enhanced with features for searching leads, creating targeted lists, and tracking sales activities. Originating from a merger between DiscoverOrg and Zoom Information, Inc., ZoomInfo has established itself as a critical asset for sales and marketing teams aiming for precision and scale in their outreach strategies.

Main Differences

The primary difference between and ZoomInfo revolves around their approach to data collection and integration capabilities. leverages artificial intelligence to offer real-time data verification and prides itself on high accuracy and integration ease with popular sales tools. Conversely, ZoomInfo provides a broader set of tools for comprehensive market research, including intent data and sophisticated lead tracking mechanisms.

Pricing ZoomInfo vs does not publicly disclose detailed pricing information without account creation but is known to offer varied pricing options tailored to different business needs and sizes.

ZoomInfo maintains a customized pricing model that requires prospective users to contact their sales department directly for specific details.

Online Reviews is rated 4.2/5 based on 1309 reviews on G2.

ZoomInfo holds a rating of 4.4/5 from a substantial 7888 reviews, supporting its strong presence in the market.

What Users Are Saying

**Positive Review:**

Mark D. labels as indispensable for his recruiting firm, highlighting its superior searching, filtering capabilities, and smooth integrations with other tools. (

**Critical Review:**

Matthew D. expresses frustration over inaccurate email data and outdated technology information, alongside dissatisfaction with constant upselling. (


**Positive Review:**

Lucas B. appreciates the usability and integration of ZoomInfo with Salesforce and SalesLoft, emphasizing the indispensable role of intent data in targeting the right accounts. (

**Critical Review:**

Michelle C. criticizes ZoomInfo for its high price and usability issues, noting slow support response times and inaccuracies in data. (


Both and ZoomInfo emerge as powerful tools capable of transforming lead generation and sales processes. stands out for its AI-driven, real-time data verification and seamless integration with key sales platforms, making it an excellent option for teams seeking immediate data accuracy and usability. ZoomInfo, with its expansive data repositories and advanced sales intelligence features, suits businesses looking for depth and breadth in market analytics.

Integrating either or ZoomInfo with Salesfinity's smart parallel dialer software elevates the efficiency and effectiveness of reaching leads, providing sales teams with a competitive edge in their prospecting efforts. Despite their distinct approaches and features, both platforms have proven to be valuable assets in the modern sales stack, capable of speeding up lead discovery and engagement when used alongside sophisticated tools like Salesfinity.

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