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Lusha vs A Professional Perspective on the Best Data Provider for Cold Calling


Feb 15, 2024

Choosing the right data provider is critical for businesses seeking to enhance their sales processes and customer outreach. Lusha and are two leading platforms in this space, each offering unique strengths tailored to different business needs. This article explores both providers from various angles, including offerings, pricing, and user feedback, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding that aids in making an informed decision.

About Lusha

Lusha offers a streamlined solution for acquiring contact and company data, aiding professionals across sales, marketing, and recruitment in creating more personalized and effective outreach strategies. Since its launch in 2016, Lusha has rapidly grown its user base to include esteemed companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple, thanks to its emphasis on data accuracy, privacy compliance, and easy integration with major CRM platforms.

About distinguishes itself as an all-encompassing sales intelligence platform, not just facilitating access to vast databases of contacts and companies but also providing tools for engagement, sequencing, and analytics. Established in 2015, caters to a broad spectrum of businesses, from startups to large enterprises, with a focus on maximizing revenue through actionable insights and efficient sales processes.


The key difference between Lusha and lies in their approach to sales intelligence. Lusha prioritizes straightforward access to contact information, making it especially useful for direct outreach efforts. In contrast, offers a more comprehensive suite of sales tools, including detailed analytics and engagement sequences, catering to businesses looking for a holistic approach to sales strategy and execution.


**Lusha**’s pricing model includes a free version with limited access, followed by paid plans starting at $49 per month, designed to fit various scales of business needs.

**** presents a transparent pricing strategy, beginning with a free option and upgrading to paid plans that offer more advanced features, with its starter package priced at $49 per user per month.

Online Reviews

**Lusha** boasts a G2 rating of 4.3/5 stars based on 1446 reviews, indicating strong user satisfaction and effectiveness in its offerings.

**** is highly regarded among its users, with a 4.8/5 stars rating from 6708 reviews on G2, showcasing its excellence in service and customer value.

What Users are Saying

**Positive Review:** Rich R. hails Lusha as an essential tool for quick and easy access to phone numbers and information, significantly enhancing his recruitment processes. (

**Critical Review:** Slavo M. points out occasional inaccuracies in the data provided and mentions a lack of features for reporting bad data. (


**Positive Review:** Ferenc L. praises’s intuitive platform and seamless integrations, highlighting its crucial role in his daily routines and the depth of available information. (

**Critical Review:** Dylan Y. expresses concerns over some limitations in’s data enrichment features and wishes for improved support and feature breadth. (


Both Lusha and offer compelling benefits for businesses striving to improve their lead engagement and conversion processes. Lusha stands out for its focus on providing accurate contact information efficiently, suitable for users prioritizing direct outreach. On the other hand, delivers an integrated solution for those who seek a comprehensive approach to sales intelligence and engagement, thanks to its detailed analytics and diverse sales tools.

Integrating either platform with Salesfinity can enhance their performance, guaranteeing quicker and more streamlined lead outreach, no matter which provider you decide on. Ultimately, the selection between Lusha and should align with your specific business requirements, assured that both options will contribute significantly to enhancing your sales activities.

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