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Navigating the Data Landscape: A Comprehensive Comparison of Lusha vs ZoomInfo


Feb 9, 2024

In today's fast-paced sales environment, having access to the right tools can dramatically enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your outreach efforts. Both Lusha and ZoomInfo have carved out significant niches in the sales intelligence and lead generation sectors. This article aims to deliver an unbiased comparison between these two esteemed providers, helping you understand how either tool can be synergistically used with Salesfinity to accelerate your lead acquisition process.

About Lusha

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in New York, Lusha offers a robust sales intelligence platform aimed at improving the connection between sales, business development, and HR professionals with their potential targets. The platform boasts over 800,000 users, including heavyweight customers like Google, Amazon, and Apple. Lusha emphasizes accuracy and compliance, providing services such as prospecting, data enrichment, and buyer intelligence.

About ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo, having rebranded after merging DiscoverOrg and Zoom Information, Inc., provides a comprehensive business information subscription service. The service encompasses lead-generation tools, extensive databases for prospect research, and tracking capabilities. Valued for its ability to aid sales and marketing teams in targeting and conversion efforts, ZoomInfo leverages public records, business websites, and other data sources for its intelligence gathering.


The key distinction between Lusha and ZoomInfo lies in their operational focus and data acquisition methodologies. Lusha prides itself on simplicity and data accuracy, facilitating easy integration with CRM platforms. ZoomInfo, however, provides a more comprehensive repository of business contacts and advanced features such as intent data that are beneficial for targeted sales strategies.


Lusha offers a free plan with limited functionalities and two paid plans: Professional at $49.00/month and Premium at $79.00/month. ZoomInfo, on the other hand, requires potential users to contact their sales department directly for pricing, pointing to a tailored pricing structure based on specific needs.

Online Reviews

Lusha is rated 4.3/5 based on 1446 reviews, while ZoomInfo scores slightly higher with a 4.4/5 rating from 7888 reviews.

What users are saying:


- Positive Review: Rich R. praised Lusha as a "must-have tool," emphasizing its efficacy in finding phone numbers and streamlining his recruitment processes. (

- Critical Review: Slavo M. pointed out concerns regarding data quality and hidden limits in the premium plan. (


- Positive Review: Lucas B. found ZoomInfo to be "instrumental for Biz-Dev," lauding its usability and integration with sales platforms. (

- Critical Review: Michelle C. criticized ZoomInfo for being overpriced and highlighted support and usability issues. (


Both Lusha and ZoomInfo are powerful tools in the realm of sales intelligence and lead generation. Each platform has its unique strengths, with Lusha focusing on ease-of-use and data accuracy, and ZoomInfo offering a more extensive database and advanced targeting features. Depending on your business's specific needs, either tool can significantly enhance your lead generation strategies.

Most importantly, both Lusha and ZoomInfo can be seamlessly integrated with Salesfinity, providing an unparalleled advantage in reaching leads faster and more efficiently. As you navigate the data landscape, consider how each tool aligns with your business objectives to effectively leverage the power of Salesfinity in your lead acquisition efforts.

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