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Unlock Your Sales Potential: Free Workflow Automation in Just Minutes!


Mar 29, 2024

Hey friends! Have you ever felt like you're spending way too much time on tasks that seem... well, kind of boring? I'm talking about the copy-pasting, the endless clicking, and those little jobs that eat up your day. What if I told you that you could get those hours back, without spending a dime? Yep, I'm serious! Today, I'm going to show you how to set up your very own workflow automation, totally free!

Now, you might be thinking, "Wait a minute, I'm not a tech wizard." Don't worry! I promise, this is so easy, even someone in fifth grade could do it.

Step 1: Say Hello to

First things first, let's head over to "". This website is like a magical toolbox that lets your apps talk to each other and do tasks automatically. It's powered by AI, which sounds pretty cool, right? Once you're on the website, you'll find something called "use cases"; click on that. Here, you can see all the amazing things you can automate, like getting more leads for your sales job.

Step 2: Hosting with Heroku

Next up, we're going to need a place to keep our automation tool safe and sound. That's where "Heroku" comes in. It's like renting a little slice of the internet for your tool to live on. Good news, it's super easy and cheap!

Here's what you do:

1. On, look for a page that talks about hosting. There will be a link to "Heroku". Click on it.

2. Before you do anything else, go make a Heroku account. It's free to create one!

3. Now, back on, hit the "Deploy to Heroku" button. If it asks you to log in, just use the account you just made.

4. You'll have to name your new automation buddy. Anything works – "SalesSuperstar", maybe?

5. Lastly, click "Deploy", and give it a minute.

And boom! You've got your very own automation tool, ready to rock.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Tool

After Heroku finishes getting your tool ready, you'll press "View" to see it. This is the moment where it comes to life! You'll quickly sign up, pick a password, and then... you're in! It's like stepping into mission control.

Now, you're going to click "Add 1st Step". This is where your creativity comes in. lets you connect all sorts of apps and tasks. So, for example, if you're tired of copying new customer info into spreadsheets, you can automate that!

What's Next?

Well, friend, now that you've got your automation set up, the sky's the limit. has loads of connections with different apps, which means there are tons of ways you can make your day easier. Imagine never having to do those tedious tasks again and focusing on what really matters in your sales job.

If you're curious about specific ways to use your new automation superpowers for things like finding more customers, just shout. Leave a comment, and I could make more guides or even videos.

Remember, technology is here to make our lives easier. With tools like and a bit of curiosity, you can transform your daily grind into something a whole lot more fun. You've got this!

Lastly, if you found this guide helpful, would you do me a favor? Hit that like button, and maybe share this post with your friends. Sharing is caring, after all. See you in the next adventure, where we'll explore even more ways to make your work life a breeze!

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