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Unveiling the Data Solutions: A Professional Evaluation of LeadIQ vs


Feb 9, 2024

In the fast-paced arena of sales, leveraging advanced technological tools like LeadIQ and can significantly enhance outreach productivity and lead engagement efficiency. This detailed comparison aims to explore the capabilities of both tools, showcasing how each can integrate with Salesfinity’s smart dialer to optimize the speed and effectiveness of reaching potential leads.

About serves as an all-in-one sales intelligence platform, equipped with a vast database spanning over 275 million contacts and 60 million companies. It offers comprehensive tools for prospecting, engaging prospects, and driving revenue, backed by a robust Engagement Suite and Intelligence Engine. Founded in 2015, caters to a diverse range of customers, focusing on data quality and actionable insights to streamline sales efforts.

About LeadIQ

LeadIQ stands out as a powerful B2B sales prospecting tool, designed to simplify the process of finding and verifying contact information for outbound prospecting. With its seamless integration into platforms like LinkedIn and various CRM systems, LeadIQ facilitates an efficient workflow from data capture to pipeline generation. The platform emphasizes the accuracy and verification of lead data, ensuring high-quality information for sales initiatives.


The primary distinction between and LeadIQ lies in their approach to sales intelligence and prospecting. offers a more holistic suite of engagement and intelligence tools, catering to a wide aspect of the sales cycle, from prospecting to closing. In contrast, LeadIQ focuses more narrowly on the initial stages of the sales process, particularly on lead data capture and verification. 

Pricing Comparison

- Free Plan: Offers essential tools with 50 email credits per month.

- Basic Plan: $49 per user per month, adding advanced filters and enhanced email limits.

- Professional Plan: $79 per user per month, includes comprehensive reporting and increased limits.


- Ranges from Free to $79 per user per month, with custom pricing for Enterprise plans.

- The Essential plan starts at $39 per user per month for individual or small teams when billed annually.

Online Reviews is highly rated with 4.8/5 stars based on 6708 reviews.

LeadIQ holds a solid 4.2/5 stars from 742 reviews.

What Users are Saying: Positive Review:

Ferenc L. praises for its ease of use, smooth integration, and the depth of information available, highlighting its usefulness in daily operations. ( Critical Review:

Dylan Y. notes issues with when used solely for data enrichment, pointing out slow support and missing standard features. (

LeadIQ Positive Review:

Kimberly P. appreciates LeadIQ’s direct tie to LinkedIn, accuracy in emails, and insightful webinars provided, enhancing user knowledge and strategy. (

LeadIQ Critical Review:

Ryan J. expresses disappointment in LeadIQ’s data accuracy, mentioning frequent bounced emails and incorrect direct dials, alongside unfulfilled promises for intent data updates. (


Both and LeadIQ present compelling benefits for sales teams looking to enhance their prospecting and engagement efforts. While offers a comprehensive suite for end-to-end sales engagement, LeadIQ excels in lead information capture and verification, specifically tailored for the initial stages of outreach. When combined with Salesfinity’s smart dialer, either tool can significantly boost your team’s ability to reach leads faster and more effectively. Leveraging the strengths of or LeadIQ in conjunction with Salesfinity can streamline your sales process, ensuring no opportunity is missed and maximizing your outreach potential.

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